Basic Human Needs


In order to feel valuable and fulfilled our basic emotional needs have to be met.

The Human Givens Approach has identified the following needs as being important:

Security – having safe territory and the room to grow

Connection – being emotionally connected to others

Achievement – having a sense of achieving things

Privacy – being able to have some time and space to reflect

Fun – friendship, love, intimacy.

Meaning – finding meaning and purpose from being stretched

Status – having a sense of status and respect within social groups

Control – a sense of autonomy

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2 Responses to Basic Human Needs

  1. We met a woman a few years ago and she said her whole life changed when she started working with Human Givens. It’s wonderful that you have this post and we have found it again. Lots of good information here. Enjoyed the post and the blog x

    • kevanowen says:

      Thank you for the kind comment. I like your blog also and the piece about self-compassion. Warm wishes, Kevan.

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