COVID-19 and Human Givens Counselling

Due to the need for physical distancing during this virus outbreak I have now moved my Human Givens Counselling service to online sessions only. This takes place via the secure Zoom Video conferencing platform.

Evidence indicates that on-line sessions can be just as effective as face-to-face and perhaps even easier to attend. I want to support you as best I can, and my priority is your safety and welfare both physically and emotionally.

How it works

Prior to each on-line session I will email a link which you can use to get access. You will need a computer or laptop that is audio and video enabled, and a stable internet connection. There is no requirement for you to register with Zoom or to download any software.

Please ensure that you are in a reasonably quiet and private place where you are unlikely to be disturbed for the duration of the call, which will be between 60 and 90 minutes.

Payments for the sessions can be made by bank transfer or PayPal.

Physical isolation can bring its own challenges, so in these difficult times it is more important than ever to find creative ways of getting basic human needs met. Video communication allows you to access psychological support even when you are unable to travel to face-to face sessions.

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