There is a very useful anxiety management technique that you can learn to help you deal with inappropriate anxiety. It is known as the AWARE technique and it has 5 steps. To make it easy to remember each step starts one of the letters of the word AWARE:

Accept the anxiety: Decide to be with the experience rather than fight it. Replace your anger or rejection of it with acceptance.

Watch your anxiety: Observe it without judging it to be good or bad. Be detached from it. Move into your “observing self” and study it. Rate it on a scale from 1-10 noticing when it goes up and down. Remember, you are not your anxiety. Be in the anxiety but not of it.

Act with the anxiety: keep behaving normally and doing what you intend to do. Breathe normally, in a relaxed way. If you run from the situation your anxiety will go down but your future anxiety will go up. If you stay you will de-condition the anxiety.

Repeat the steps: Continue accepting your anxiety, watching it and acting with it until it goes down to a comfortable level.

Expect the best: what you fear most may never happen. Why not surprise yourself the next time you have anxiety by the effective way you handle it with the above steps.

By practicing the AWARE technique on a regular basis you will find that anxiety can be tamed.

If you want any help in gaining more control over anxiety then a few sessions of Human Givens Therapy will be very beneficial.

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