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Human Givens Psychotherapy is a natural and holistic approach to meeting the human needs that form the basis of emotional wellbeing. The aim of Human Givens therapy is to relieve all kinds of emotional distress and will help you to move on as swiftly as possible.


For all human beings emotional health is dependent upon one thing above all others: the ability to meet basic emotional needs. Every person is born with a set of emotional needs. When these basic needs are not met in balance we can become stressed or unwell.

We get our needs met by making use of our inbuilt resources: the ability to empathise and connect with others, to dream, to learn new skills, to develop rationality, intuition and objectivity.

These ideas about human nature lie at the heart of the Human Givens Approach.

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Do you want to:

Lift your mood ?

Reduce anxiety ?

Resolve trauma ?

Manage anger ?

Get free of unwanted habits ?

Relieve medical conditions ?

Harmonise relationships ?

Why choose Human Givens Therapy?

  • Facilitates long-lasting improvements
  • Takes as few sessions as possible
  • Involves minimal dwelling on the past
  • Explores your individual needs and resources.

Kevan Owen HG.Dip.P, MHGI, DHypPsych (UK) 

Human Givens Therapist  Mobile: 07717 289373

The Bell Surgery, 453 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 8AU. Tel: (Surgery) 0161 8812128.

Therapy available in person or via Skype.


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