“After experiencing some relationship issues…..(my partner and I)……came to see Kevan. At first I was apprehensive about the sessions but it was the best thing we’ve done. The session gave us the opportunity to open up, be honest and give us a new understanding of ourselves and each other. Would recommend to anybody.” Lucy & Richard, Manchester.

Human beings are social creatures. We depend upon one another and we thrive when we have a healthy support network. Having people around who we can trust, or even just one person who understands us and with whom we can be ourselves, is a basic human need.

Sometimes things don’t go so smoothly. Either through shyness, or undeveloped social skills, or low self-esteem, it can sometimes seem hard to form the kinds of relationships we crave. Or, having formed those relationships, the stresses of life can intervene, to make us fall out or quarrel with those we love. Emotions can sometimes get out of hand, straining relationships almost to braking point. Families, neighbourhoods, tribes and even countries can go to war over seemingly intractable problems.

The key to resolving disputes lies first in the ability to lower our emotional arousal so that we can access our rational brain and to learn how to develop emotional intelligence. Paying attention as well to our basic needs, so that these are met in a balanced way, will ensure that problems can be quickly dealt with.

If you want any help in improving your relationships then a few sessions of Human Givens Therapy will be very beneficial. This can take the form of individual one-to-one sessions or alternatively Couples Counselling where both partners in a relationship attend the sessions together.

Kevan Owen HG.Dip.P., MHGI, DHypPsych (UK). 

Human Givens Therapist. Mobile: 07717 289373.

The Bell Surgery, 453 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 8AU 


Trinity House Practice, 150-152 Cumberland Street, Macclesfield, SK10 1BP.

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