“I feel more positive in myself. I’ve not felt good about myself for a long time. I’m a lot happier”. (Client who was experiencing the effects of military trauma).

It is a perfectly natural human reaction to feel intense fear or to recoil in horror in response to life-threatening or extremely dangerous situations, whether caused by accident, abuse, natural disaster, terrorism or military conflict.  It is also natural to take some time to calm down and process what has occurred. Human beings are very resilient and have the capacity to recover from the shock of such events and resume their lives.

Sometimes though the impact of a traumatic event can remain long after the event took place and this can generate feelings of distress, flashbacks or nightmares. Post-traumatic stress is the name given to the high emotional arousal that some people experience following a traumatic event. Often the distress is triggered by internal or external associations with the event such as a particular sound, smell, image or tactile sensation.  There may also be persistent avoidance of anything that could be associated with the event. This can effect mood, concentration and sleep patterns.

Human Givens therapists employ a therapeutic intervention for the re-processing of trauma memories known as the “rewind technique”. This takes the emotion out of the memory, thus lowering the associated arousal and freeing up the thinking brain. This is a non-intrusive use of the imagination.. PTSD Resolution, a charity which uses human givens therapy to help war veterans suffering from PTSD and other mental health problems, has an 78 per cent success rate (findings presented to the British Psychological Society.)

You can read about how one soldier developed Post Traumatic Stress and was helped by Human Givens Therapy through the charity PTSD Resolution here:

Referrals for Human Givens Therapy made though the military veterans charity PTSD Resolution are free to the client. This short video explains the referral process.

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